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We are a nonprofit organization serving areas of Southeastern Massachusetts with the explicit goal of keeping families and pets together during tough economic times. We work out of the Coyle and Cassidy food pantry in Taunton and the APCSM in Brockton. When a family is struggling to make ends meet and they have to sacrifice, a family pet is the one individual that they can rely on to believe in them and love them. It can be devastating to have to give up on a best friend when you feel like everybody else has given up on you.We work to keep that heart beating within a family that is struggling, to keep that hope and love within their home. We do not want any person to feel that they have failed the one individual that never failed them. When it becomes difficult to make ends meet the most expensive and non vital to survival things must be sacrificed first. Unfortunately pet food is expensive, running up a bill of around $700 for dogs and $300 for cats per year. These expenses come before medical costs and everyday items such as kennels, beds, and sanitary items like doggie bags or cat litter. We try to offset these expenses by distributing pet food to those families that are struggling. We are entirely made up of volunteers and currently distribute out of the Coyle and Cassidy High School the last saturday of every month. We are constantly working to increase our funds and donations so that we can help to feed even more pets in need and move out into the communities around us and beyond. 100% of any donation on your part goes directly towards the charity and is tax-deductible. Help us feed pets in need because pets give us the love and hope we need to keep believing in ourselves and our situations. They are loyal when we lose everything. They are caring when we cannot care for them. They love us unconditionally and no matter what they will not stop believing in us even when we stop believing in ourselves. Help us help others who have fallen on tough times.
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The Pet Pantry will now be holding pet food distributions at the APCSM animal shelter. Click here for more info

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Cat food: canned & dry

Dog food: canned & dry

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Pet supplies including:

Cat Litter

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The Pet Pantry

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