Trailer Renovation: 2019 Project


The Pet Pantry has expanded to the point where we are in dire need of larger storage space in order to continue serving our current client population that continues to grow each month. We have a semi trailer that needs renovations, and we will use this space as a storage site as well as a distribution center. This way, we will be more accessible to the general public. We are asking our community to help us fund this project. 
These funds will help us acquire the materials needed to accomplish tasks such as framing, insulating, fixing the floor, and making the space safe, clean, and functional. Any raised funds will also help to pay for any labor costs and supplies we will need in order to carry out our duties in the trailer. 
We want to help our community and their pets as much as possible - your donation will help us accomplish this project!


Thank you!


The APCSM Pet Pantry holds pet food distributions at the shelter each month. Click here for more info

We Need:

Cat food: canned & dry

Dog food: canned & dry

Cat Litter


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