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Pet Food Pantry at the APCSM


The Pet Pantry now distributes pet food and supplies at the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts (APCSM) on a regular basis. 


Food and supplies will be available at the front doors of the shelter. To adhere to covid-19 regulations, please wear a mask while attending.


To see the 2021 distribution schedule please click here. 


Questions? Email the Pet Pantry at

Please check our Facebook page for updates. 



Pet Pantry Trailer Renovation


Funds raised for our new storage site will help us acquire the materials needed to accomplish tasks such as framing, insulating, fixing the floor, and making the space safe, clean, and functional. Any raised funds will also help to pay for any labor costs and supplies we will need in order to carry out our duties in the trailer. 


We want to help our community and their pets as much as possible - your donation will help us accomplish this project! If you would like to contribute, visit our PayPal: Pet Pantry PayPal

For more information about who we are, visit our facebook page:



The Pet Pantry will now be holding pet food distributions at the APCSM animal shelter. Click here for more info

Donate to The Pet Pantry today to help feed hungry pets! Click the "donate" button below to make a tax-deductible contribution.

We Need:

Cat food: canned & dry

Dog food: canned & dry

Pet treats


Pet supplies including:

Cat Litter

Leashes and Collars

Puppy Pads


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The Pet Pantry

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